Handmade Greeting Cards - Wholesale First Order, $275

Handmade Greeting Cards - Wholesale First Order, $275

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Hand painted greeting cards in acrylic paint with slight iridescent gold touch and hand inscribed calligraphy in black script.  Available with individual clear bags (open at top) with a single, nice quality white envelope. Card size is A7, 5" x 7" vertical with color that wraps to back of card. Cards are signed on the back lower left "Caitlin Dundon handmade Seattle, WA". All cards are blank inside.

New wholesale accounts require pre-payment. Free shipping on first order only. Minimum order is $ 275 which includes a selection of 100. Select Wholesale Free Shipping on checkout.

Cards will come with a variety of colors, each one is unique. 

Buyers can specify quotes cards only, basic greetings or mixture on first order. All subsequent orders can specify quantities of each style.

Typical Wholesale Introductory SPECIAL might include:

10 Happy Birthday HB
10 With Love Always WLA
10 Happy Anniversary HA
10 Congratulations CON
10 Thinking of You THY
10 Thank You TY
5 Life Shrinks - Nin LS-NIN
5 Where We Love - Holmes HM-HOLMES
5 Friends Reward - FRD-STEVENSON
5 Friendship Truth - FRD-MANSFIELD
5 Outward Together - LV-EXUPERY
5 Ride Worthwhile - RIDE-JONES
5 Shoot for the Moon - MOON-BROWN

All future orders will be billed on 30 day invoice with shipping costs added, no minimums on future orders. Wholesale prices are $2.75 per card. 

Suggested retail price if $5.95 per card.

5" x 7" (folded size) cards on 80 lb. bright white (10% post consumer recycled) paper. Comes with 80 lb. bright white (100% recycled) envelopes. Blank inside.