Corporate Team Building Calligraphy Session for up to 12 Employees

Corporate Team Building Calligraphy Session for up to 12 Employees

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Corporate Team Building Calligraphy Session SPECIAL

Due to the Corona Virus, all tutoring is canceled until May 1, 2020.

Instructor: Caitlin Dundon

2-1/2 hours
Location: Your Seattle area conference room, boardroom, community event space with enough seats for 12 people max

Date/Time: Can be held on a weekday or weekend evening, afternoon or morning depending on the calligrapher's schedule. You can make date arrangements before or after your purchase.

(Seattle area, King County please, ferry boat travel or other areas please ask for a quote that includes $50 travel fee.)

$700 prepaid SPECIAL, normally $75+ per person


In this 2-1/2 hour calligraphy session -  all attendees receive a calligraphy kit and all supplies and inks are provided. We will work with pointed pens and black on layout paper, greeting cards and envelopes. Attendees will learn how to use dip calligraphy pens with black ink on paper, a completely different way of writing that will take them out of their normal comfort zone. Calligraphy is a fun and lightly challenging corporate team building activity and helps to build a sense of connection between team members but also improves motor coordination. Ultimately a daily practice of calligraphy can be both mediative as well as providing better handwriting skills which are important in today's workplace.

Attendees will practice basic lower case and upper case alphabet letters and learn how to create some fun, fancy and elegant lettering. Then they will take their cursive calligraphy to the next level by working with words and short phrases and greeting card layout. Students will also learn the instructor's favorite tips and tricks for addressing envelopes too - an important lesson in this day and age - for sending thank you and followup notes to important clients and contacts.

All students will receive a Calligraphy Kit with 1 pen holder, 1 pen nib, 1/2 oz. of black ink, practice layout paper, guidelines sheets, envelope template guide, handouts with greeting card phrases, assorted greeting cards and envelopes.

Class Signup Policy: Class fees are non-refundable. Class can be run with a minimum of 4 students, but there is no discount pricing. If class is canceled, it can be rescheduled at a later date. This pricing structure is for 12 maximum students. Contact the instructor if you have a larger group and space to accommodate. Team building activities can be scheduled for daytime, weeknight or weekend dates.

About the Instructor Caitlin Dundon is a Seattle mixed media artist, professional calligrapher and instructor with a BFA in Communication Design from Syracuse University. She has over 20 years of experience in calligraphy and painting, creating custom pieces for individuals and corporate commissions. She’s been published and written articles for Somerset Studio and Art Journaling magazines and been featured in the international calligraphy publication Letter Arts. Her new book, The Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques (Schiffer Publishing, 2019) has been receiving rave reviews. She has taught at mixed media and calligraphy conferences throughout the United States and Canada including Art & Soul, Art Unraveled, Art is You, Letters of Joy, Ghost Ranch, Mendocino Art Center, the University of Washington and Upward Bound. Her art has also been licensed for printing and manufacturing and has been sold at Target, Walmart and Kohl's.

What students are saying about this instructor:

"I would definitely recommend Caitlin to those interested in an introduction to calligraphy. It progressed nicely and got me hooked!" - Steph, Seattle, WA

"Caitlin kept things moving and the 2 hours went by so fast. I enjoyed being able to experiment with ink and papers." - Jane, Seattle, WA

"I really enjoyed your class last night and look forward to practicing my own swirly style of writing!  Your hand writing is beautiful!!!  I really found your comments encouraging....It helped me make it through the evening. Thanks again for a great time. "  - Joan, Tukwila, WA

Would you recommend this class to other students? Why or why not?

"Yes I would, I liked the teaching style and I liked Caitlin. I thought that the class was fun and informative, and I really enjoyed it."  - Heather L., Seattle, WA

"Yes. Caitlin was informative as well as encouraging." - Pam, Seattle, WA

"Yes, definitely. I felt it gave a good introduction to calligraphy. It was not overwhelming and I really enjoyed learning. "

"I enjoyed it and I think Caitlin did a great job teaching." - Quinn J., Seattle, WA

"Caitlin was incredibly knowledgeable, talented and a wonderful teacher." - Emelia H., Seattle, WA