Calligraphy Starter Kit

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Handwritten Life offers Calligraphy Starter Kits. Based on 20 years as a professional calligrapher, this kit is a culmination of the best tips, techniques and favorite tools of Seattle calligrapher Caitlin Dundon.

A great way to start your calligraphy practice*, whether you have a book to study with or you just want to play around with ink and just don't know where to begin. Also makes a lovely gift for anyone. 

Kit includes:

- 1 1/2 oz jar of Moon Palace Black Sumi Ink

- 1 NIKKO G pointed pen nib

- 1 regular (straight) marbled black and silver penholder (works for right or left-handed calligraphers)

- Instructional booklet by Caitlin Dundon which includes a sample alphabet guides as well as tips and techniques to get you started.

+ Other bonus papers, cards/envelope, and place cards so you can get started practicing right away!

*If you are in the Seattle area - this Calligraphy Kit is complimentary for both the Introduction to Calligraphy the Pointed Pen and Fun & Fancy Calligraphy, so sign up for a class instead. Or think about a Gift Certificate.