Fun and Fancy Calligraphy - Art and Soul Retreat, Portland, OR

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Fun and Fancy Calligraphy
with instructor Caitlin Dundon
Portland, OR
Thursday, March 19th, 2020,
9:00 am - 4:30 pm, $160

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A full day workshop open to students with no calligraphy experience. But also a wonderful class with lots of one-on-one instruction for intermediate and advanced lettering artists. 

Learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy from a professional calligrapher. Pointed pen is the style of calligraphy used by many modern calligraphers especially in the wedding industry. Start with basic pen and ink use followed by lower case and upper case alphabet practice. 

Then have fun working on words and phrases in your own style.
With Fun and Fancy Calligraphy, students are encouraged to create their own style of calligraphy and are not forced to do repetitive copying, but rather inspired by lots of hands-on demos and individual one-on-one training to improve hand position and handwriting strength. 

You'll learn:

  • how to prepare a nib
  • how to use pen nib and dip for ink
  • proper posture, hand and arm position for best writing
  • advice on recommended inks and papers
  • tips and tricks for addressing envelopes
  • how to layout and create successful greeting card designs
  • how to layout with variations a short phrase or poem

Materials Fee $10 paid at beginning of class includes:

Starter calligraphy kit with nib, penholder, inks
greeting cards, envelopes and place cards
alphabet guides
practice papers
Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

2 sheets (or more) of hot press watercolor paper 9 inch x 12 inch (Fabriano Artistico is nice brand)
ruler and/or small triangle (if you have one)

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About the instructor Caitlin Dundon is a Seattle mixed media artist, professional calligrapher and instructor with over 20 years of experience. Known for her signature style of calligraphy combined with her colorful paintings, she creates custom pieces for individuals and corporate commissions. She’s been published and written articles for Somerset Studio and Art Journaling magazines and been featured in the international calligraphy publication Letter Arts. She has taught at mixed media and calligraphy conferences throughout the United States and Canada including Art &

Soul, Art Unraveled, Art is You, Letters of Joy, Ghost Ranch, Mendocino Art Center, the University of Washington and Upward Bound. Her art has also been licensed for printing and manufacturing and has been sold at Target, Walmart and Kohl's. Her new book, The Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques (Schiffer Publishing, 2019) has been receiving rave reviews. Order a copy now.


"Caitlin Dundon is not only a gifted artist, but a wonderful and generous teacher. She is friendly and upbeat, and offers a "way in" to creative expression for everyone, no matter what level of art experience one might possess. Caitlin is our Artist-in-Residence for 2019, and we feel so lucky that we get to offer monthly programs that feature her fantastic talent and her consummate professionalism." - Sibel Golden, PhD, Executive Director, NW Creative & Expressive Arts Institute

“I loved how this class walked us through everything and that Caitlin made her rounds to help figure out where our strengths and weaknesses were. I think Caitlin does a great job as an instructor! She obviously knows what she is doing and while she has many years under her belt, she still understands the beginner struggle and how to help people improve." - Aleeza A.

"It's a good way to jump start calligraphy practice, getting personal feedback before bad habits are formed. I was a little intimidated at the thought of using a dip pen, but it's actually very accessible." Lenore X., Seattle, WA

"A great introduction to an art form that can be done inexpensively and with an impressive outcome. How I hold the pen makes a HUGE difference - something I might not have figured out on my own." - Kathy S., Seattle, WA