Wedding Calligraphy

As a professional calligrapher for over 20 years, Caitlin Dundon is delighted to offer calligraphy services for wedding industry including: hand addressed wedding envelopes, table cards, place cards, menus, invitation calligraphy, marriage certificates, etc. *Prices below are based on customer provided stock and do not include any shipping costs. The minimum custom calligraphy fee is $50 per project.  

Email the artist  to schedule your wedding project or to setup a time to drop off your wedding certificate. Short turnaround times (1 week or less) are often available, depending on your quantities and my work/travel schedule. 
wedding marriage certificate calligraphy  wedding marriage certificate calligraphy

Marriage Certificate Calligraphy:
 calligraphy directly on marriage certificate flat fee of $50. You can contact the calligrapher via email to arrange a time to drop off your certificate at her studio or Venue Ballard. If you are from a different state or would like to mail your certificate or have it delivered by messenger that is not a problem.
- Please provide a xeroxed copy with information you'd like inscribed, line for line.
- Calligrapher will email a rough draft for approval before inking your original certificate
Please prepay certificates to be return shipped, select Marriage Certificate Shipping ($8.95) on checkout. 
wedding envelope calligraphy Seattle    wedding envelope calligraphy Seattle  wedding envelope calligraphy
Calligraphy Pricing for Black Ink
outer envelopes - $3.00 each
outer/inner envelope set - $3.50
add return address - add $1.00 each
add flourish/rose - add $1.00 each
placecard (1 line) - $1.50 each
placecard (2 lines) - $2.00 each
table card - $2.00 each
*Please provide 15% - 20% more envelopes/place cards than the quantity you are having addressed. Thank you!
Wedding Calligraphy Design Services
wedding couple monogram - $50
calligraphy for invitation design - $500+
Calligraphy pricing for White Ink
outer envelopes - $3.50 each
outer envelope and inner envelope set - $3.75
add return address - add $1.50 each
add flourish/rose - add $1.50 each
place card (1 line) - $ 2.00 each
place card (2 lines) - $2.50 each
table card - $ 2.00 each