48 Mixed Media Techniques - Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ


48 Mixed Media Techniques - Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ
with instructor Caitlin Dundon
May 1 - 3rd, 2020
$ 425

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Are you ready to try mixed media, or have you been using the same stencil the same way and some more ideas of ways to create paintings? This 3-day workshop is perfect for newbies to mixed media, but also fantastic for intermediate and advanced artists to rejuvenate with new techniques to create beautiful art.

Sedona is a magical place to create art. There are places on this earth that have a certain magic and soul to them and Sedona is one of those places. Even if you don't believe in the energy of vortexes - the magnificent vistas of sky, red rocks, petroglyphs and pictographs left by ancient peoples all combine to refresh the body, mind and soul.

Sometimes books are just not as good as seeing the technique demonstrated and trying it for yourself. Join mixed media artist Caitlin Dundon for demonstrations and hands-on exploration of over 48 mixed media techniques including: black and white gesso techniques, acrylic painting methods, acrylic gels, stamping techniques, positive and negative stenciling, crackle gel and pastes, collage, and more. Each student will create a great set of swatches of sample techniques for reference for future projects as well as work on a full-sized artwork using newly learned techniques.


This fantastic workshop includes all of the following techniques!

Gesso techniques
1. Blind resists
2. Tinted gesso
3. Gradated gesso
4. Blended gesso
5. Black gesso
6. Scribing (Sgraffito)/Mark Making
7. Debossing (Stamping into gesso)
Basic acrylic painting techniques
8. Color washes
9. Color washes/interference paint
10. Dry brushing
11. Scumbling/Sponging
12. Paint Scraping
13. Sanding Back
14. Scribing (Sgraffito)
15. Stamping
16. Resist/Mask with Liquid Frisket
Basic collage with acrylic soft gel
17. Basic collage
18. gesso wash over collage
19. color washes over collage
20. tissue paper collage/color wash
21. painted tissue paper collage
22. collage over black background
Soft Gel for Texture
23. Scribing (Sgraffito)
24. Tinted Gels with color
25. Tinted gels for collage
26. Tinted gels with interference paint
27. Stamping into soft gel
28. Soft gel as resist
29. stenciling with white gesso/color washes
30. stenciling with black gesso
31. reverse stenciling
32. stencil layers
Embossing Powder
33. rubber stamping with color/metallics
34. stamp resist with clear powder
35. stamp onto tissue/collage
Molding Paste
36. Scribing (Sgraffito)
37. Stamping into
38. Stenciling with paste
39. Fiber Paste Scribing (Sgraffito)
40. Fiber Paste Stamping
41. Crackle gel with paint
42. crackle gel with gesso
43. crackle gel with gesso/paint wash
44. Crackle paste
Line Tools
45. PITT/Micron pen/stencil outline
46. China Markers/smudging/resist
47. Liner brush/Dip Pen with high flow paint
48. Embossing marker/embossing powder


Student Supply List

  • 24 pieces (6” x 9”) Fabriano Artistico (Arches Aquarelle or Stonehenge or other similar) hot press 140 lb. watercolor paper
  • 1 (or 2 qty.) 16” x 20” or 18” x 18” wood panel or canvas (or optionally 18″ x 18″ or larger sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper)
  • 8 oz white acrylic gesso
  • 8 oz acrylic regular gel (matte)
  • 2-3 colors of acrylic paint
  • ½” flat brush and ¾” or 1” flat or mop brush, assorted pointed or liner brushes
  • water container, paper towels
  • F size PITT or Micron pen 05 or 08 size

Optional: your own favorite rubber stamp patterns and/or stencils, silicone wedges or other “tools” like sponges, plastic forks, knives, combs, etc.

Instructor provides:

use of additional acrylic paints, additional acrylic gels, black gesso, crackle gel, crackle paste, fiber paste, molding paste, collage papers, tissue paper, interference paint, China Markers, Golden High Flow Acrylic Ink, Liquid Frisket for class use, etc. pre-printed labels for each technique.

Are you ready to join us in Sedona for this inspirational and very comprehensive workshop?

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About the instructor Caitlin Dundon is a Seattle mixed media artist, professional calligrapher and instructor with over 20 years of experience. Known for her signature style of calligraphy combined with her colorful paintings, she creates custom pieces for individuals and corporate commissions. She’s been published and written articles for Somerset Studio and Art Journaling magazines and been featured in the international calligraphy publication Letter Arts. She has taught at mixed media and calligraphy conferences throughout the United States and Canada including Art &

Soul, Art Unraveled, Art is You, Letters of Joy, Ghost Ranch, Mendocino Art Center, the University of Washington and Upward Bound. Her art has also been licensed for printing and manufacturing and has been sold at Target, Walmart and Kohl's. Her new book, The Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques (Schiffer Publishing, 2019) has been receiving rave reviews. Order a copy now.


"Caitlin Dundon is not only a gifted artist, but a wonderful and generous teacher. She is friendly and upbeat, and offers a "way in" to creative expression for everyone, no matter what level of art experience one might possess. Caitlin is our Artist-in-Residence for 2019, and we feel so lucky that we get to offer monthly programs that feature her fantastic talent and her consummate professionalism." - Sibel Golden, PhD, Executive Director, NW Creative & Expressive Arts Institute

"The instructor and class pace is relaxed, allowing students to explore - she even encourages "mistakes!" - Dawn D.

“I loved how this class walked us through everything and that Caitlin made her rounds to help figure out where our strengths and weaknesses were. I think Caitlin does a great job as an instructor! She obviously knows what she is doing and while she has many years under her belt, she still understands the beginner struggle and how to help people improve." - Aleeza A.