Life Quilt I Collage Painting SALE

Life Quilt I Collage Painting SALE

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HUGE PAINTING CLEARANCE SALE! Seattle shoppers make an appointment for viewing.

Life Quilt I is part of a series of quilt-like acrylic paintings by Seattle mixed media artist and calligraphy Caitlin Dundon. Paper collage, acrylic paint and acrylic ink with calligraphy are featured in this painting that includes 120 inspirational words about life, family, love and friendship. Fantastic painting for your home or corporate office.

Grow. Dream. Wish. Longing. Desire. Open. Acceptance. Pleasant. Believe. Action. Learning. Poise. Trust, Responsibility. Support. Calm. Compassion. Fantastic. Positivity. Willing. Thankful. Imagination. Hope. Health. Chance. Heart. Loyalty. Meaning. Nurturing. Distinguished. Encouraging. Forgiveness. Grace. Happiness. Motivation. Productivity. Masterful. Vitality. Champion. Faith. Delight. Memory. Persistence. Patience. Impressive. Security. Value. Worth. Luck. Independence. Home. Energy. Charity. Life. Magic. Persuasiveness. Modesty. Rejuvenation. Wisdom. Transformation. Strength. Romance. Confidence. Relaxation. Soul. Spirit. Adventure, Beauty. Cooperation. Discovery. Elegant. Innovative. Laughter. Smile. Tenderness. Vibrance. Charm. Courage. Love. Honesty. Special. Successful. Tenacity. Validity. Ideal. Tranquility. Power. Passion. Luminous. Principled, Amazing. Endurance. Family. Friendship. Giving. Glowing. Ingenuity. Moving. Instinctive. Content. Creative. Brilliant. Brave. Accomplish. Change. Intuitive. Marvelous. Prosperous. Aware. Flourish. Proud. Reliable. Fortitude. Generous. Fidelity. Challenge. Git. Gratitude. Harmony. Admired. Good. Polished. Certain. Superb. Welcoming. Humor. Wonder. Peace. Bliss.

30" x 40" x 1.5" on wood panel.

This painting is for Seattle pickup, delivery to your home or office can be requested for additional $25. Request a quote for shipping outside Seattle area before purchase.

Interested in learning calligraphy or mixed media painting techniques? Find out about Seattle calligraphy classes or Seattle mixed media collage classes taught by Caitlin Dundon. Or take a workshop from Caitlin at an artist retreat in a city near you.