Private Pointed Pen Tutoring Sessions, SPECIAL,(6 hours), 1 Student, Studio Works Ballard, $250

Private Pointed Pen Tutoring Sessions, SPECIAL,(6 hours), 1 Student, Studio Works Ballard, $250

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Private Tutoring Session (6 hours), 1 student
Modern FlowTM Calligraphy

Instructor: Caitlin Dundon

Due to the Corona Virus, all classes and tutoring is on hold until May 1, 2020.

Location: Studio Works Ballard, 1417 NW 54th Street, Suite #348.  Click here for directions and location information, Seattle, WA

Fee: SPECIAL $ 250 (includes all tools & materials)

6-hours of private instruction (normally $ 285) is scheduled in 2-hour tutoring sessions on weekday mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends depending on your schedule and the instructor's schedule. Please indicate you desired day/evening or weekend availability in the note section when you place this order. You can choose to hold your 3 tutoring sessions once a week or once a month.

Students will explore the elegant art of pointed pen calligraphy with old-fashioned style “dip” calligraphy pens - the style used by many wedding calligraphers. Practice at your own pace and work directly with the instructor to find your strengths and work on your own desired projects.

New students will learn how to use black ink and penholder (both right and left-handed writers are encouraged to study the pointed pen) as well as recommendations on other inks and papers and how to create the unique thick and thin elegance that is characteristic of the Pointed Pen style (Pointed pens are used to create Copperplate and Spencerian calligraphy as well as most Modern Calligraphy hands).

With Modern Flow Calligraphy, rather than repeated lifting of pen, the technique practiced is closer to cursive we learned in elementary school with less rigid structures. The focus is on allowing the letters to flow to create lovely lines and loops and allowing students to create their own lettering style. Continuing students who have already taken one session can continue with their studies by learning how to connect letters, work with combinations of upper and lower case letters, learning how to layout greeting cards and tips and tricks for addressing envelopes and place cards. Then continue on with full sentence practice and layout of quotation or poem. 2nd and 3rd sessions can also include practice with white, colored and metallic inks.

All materials are supplied by the instructor, PLUS each new student will receive a complimentary Calligraphy Starter Kit  which includes instruction booklet with sample calligraphy alphabets, 1 pen nib, 1 penholder and small starter supply of ink to take home and keep practicing. Continuing students will receive an oblique penholder and nib, handouts with sample greeting card calligraphy and new practice guideline templates for each session.

Are you Left- Handed? Pointed pens use the same nibs for left or right-handers with the straight penholders. Some left-handers might benefit from purchasing a left-handed oblique penholder here. Don't be shy if you are left-handed, the instructor has helped many left-handers learn how to create some beautiful calligraphy, and no extra tutoring is needed, please join the group class. 

Instructor Caitlin Dundon is a painter and calligrapher with a BFA in graphic design from Syracuse University. She has 20 years of experience in painting and calligraphy with her company Handwritten Life (formerly One Heart Studio). She has been published in Seattle, Seattle Bride, Seattle Business Monthly and Manhattan Bride Magazines as well as the international calligraphy publication, Letter Arts. She has been an instructor at the Letters of Joy conference, Art & Soul Mixed Media Retreats, Mendocino Art Center, Ghost Ranch, Art is You, and University of Washington’s Experimental College in both calligraphy and mixed media collage. 


What Other Students are Saying About This Class:

Would you recommend this class to other beginners?

"Pace of instruction was perfect! I thought the class was done really well...there was time enough for instruction and practice...I wouldn't change a thing." Geri A., Mercer Island, WA

"It's a good way to jump start calligraphy practice, getting personal feedback before bad habits are formed. I was a little intimidated at the thought of using a dip pen, but it's actually very accessible." Lenore X., Seattle, WA

"A great introduction to an art form that can be done inexpensively and with an impressive outcome. How I hold the pen makes a HUGE difference - something I might not have figured out on my own." - Kathy S., Seattle, WA

"Yes! I loved how this class walked you through everything and that Caitlin made her rounds to help figure out where our strengths and weaknesses were. I think Caitlin is doing a great job! She obviously knows what she is doing and while she has many years under her belt, she still undertstands the beginner struggle and how to help people improve." Aleeza A., Seattle, WA.

"I really enjoyed your class last night and look forward to practicing my own swirly style of writing!  Your hand writing is beautiful!!!  I really found your comments encouraging....It helped me make it through the evening. Thanks again for a great time. "  - Joan, Tukwila, WA

Would you recommend this class to other students? Why or why not?

"Yes I would, I liked the teaching style and I liked Caitlin. I thought that the class was fun and informative, and I really enjoyed it."  - Heather L., Seattle, WA

"Yes. Caitlin was informative as well as encouraging." - Pam, Seattle, WA