Online Calligraphy Class! Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy: The Pointed Pen $29

Online Calligraphy Class! Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy: The Pointed Pen $29

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NOW OFFERING ONLINE CLASSES! Seattle Calligrapher Caitlin Dundon's popular class, Introduction to Modern FlowTM Calligraphy: The Pointed Pen with instructor Caitlin Dundon is soon to be available with each lesson as a digital download. You will be able to watch the videos any time that fits with your schedule, and be able to pause or repeat sections as you watch, or simply watch over and over. Videos have both voiceover explaining the process, but also some text on the screen for clearer understanding or listening with volume muted. Great for students who have never taken a calligraphy class before, but also excellent reference for those who have already taken this class in person!

*Pre-order now at the discounted rate of $29, which is only available until the online class goes live in April 2019.

Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy ($39) is a fantastic introduction to modern pointed pen calligraphy which features varying line weights, elegant loops and flourishes. Caitlin Dundon offers a teaching style in Modern Flow Calligraphy that uses the smooth flow of cursive you learned as a child, rather than the complete lifting of pen off paper for different strokes like Copperplate teaches. This style of calligraphy is easier for beginners and allows for softer more relaxed hand, shoulder and elbow movement. There is less stress on the body and the brain as this technique allows for more creative lettering styles. Students do not have to imitate or copy exactly each stroke to perfection so there is less stress and more creativity and enjoyment of the process.

When you purchase Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy you will get step-by-step individual class video lessons that cover the following:

  • Recommended calligraphy nibs and pen holders, papers and inks 
  • How to start a new nib, cleaning and storage
  • Posture and holding the pen
  • Lower case alphabet: e, l, starting strokes and tips for improving control
  • Lower case alphabet: a, c, d, g, o, q
  • Lower case alphabet: b, f, i, t, j, h, p, k, m, n
  • Lower case alphabet: r, s, u, v, w, x, y z
  • Recommended exercises for building hand coordination
  • Upper case alphabet
  • Numbers, punctuation and some additional special flourishes and embellishments
  • BONUS: Special tips for left handed writers and recommended tools
  • RESOURCES: Recommended lists of places to purchase calligraphy supplies as well as recommended books, magazines and calligraphy organizations

Also included in your purchase are downloadable pdf's of alphabet guides.

*After official online class release date in April 30th, 2019, customers who have pre-ordered the online class will automatically receive a link for access to the online class lessons and all downloadable video lessons.

Buy the companion Calligraphy Starter Kit ($35) which includes 1 pen nib, 1 straight penholder (good for left or right handers), 1/2 oz. Sumi Ink, overview booklet that includes tips and advice on how to use your pen as well as some alphabet guides and resources, some layout practice paper, plus some extra goodies! Or order your basic supplies from Paper Ink Arts.