Gift Certificate for GROUP CLASS Intro to Modern Flow Calligraphy Class (1 Student)

Gift Certificate for GROUP CLASS Intro to Modern Flow Calligraphy Class (1 Student)

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This gift certificate can be mailed to you to gift or directly to your recipient. Good for 1 student for a 2-hour Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy. Recipient will need to email or call the instructor to sign up for upcoming classes. Certificate is valued at $ 75. Non-refundable, but credit can be applied to an upgrade for taking a longer calligraphy group class, private tutoring sessions or artwork. Classes are offered once or twice a month in Ballard and are typically offered on a Sunday morning or afternoon or a weeknight from 7 pm - 9 pm.

Intro to Modern Flow Calligraphy Group Class
In this enjoyable two-hour, intimate one-session workshop - open to total beginners -  students will explore the elegant art of pointed pen calligraphy with old-fashioned style “dip” calligraphy pens - the style used by many wedding calligraphers.

Students will learn how to use black ink and penholder (both right and left-handed writers are encouraged to join the class) as well as recommendations on other inks and papers and how to create the unique thick and thin elegance that is characteristic of the Pointed Pen style (Pointed pens are used to create Copperplate and Spencerian calligraphy as well as most Modern Calligraphy hands). Students will practice lower case and upper case cursive letters and will be encouraged to use their own creativity and this old technique to take the handwriting they already possess and create more elegant handwritten lettering. With Modern Flow Calligraphy, rather than repeated lifting of pen, the technique practiced is closer to cursive we learned in elementary school with less rigid structures. The focus is on allowing the letters to flow to create lovely lines and loops and allowing students to create their own lettering style.

All materials are supplied by the instructor, PLUS each student will receive a complimentary Calligraphy Starter Kit  which includes instruction booklet with sample calligraphy alphabets, 1 pen nib, 1 penholder and 1/2 oz. starter supply of ink to take home and keep practicing. 

Please provide recipient's full name. If you are requesting a mailed physical gift certificate, please specify who the gift certificate is from as well and a short private note if you like.