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Seattle calligrapher Caitlin Dundon offers calligraphy services for wedding industry as well as for personal or corporate event calligraphy and projects such as poems, inscriptions on photo or certificate mats, etc.

Minimum project fee is $ 25. Less than a week turnaround may be available for additional $ 25 rush charge. On-site calligraphy services may be available for your special event.

Email the artist  to schedule your wedding project or to setup a time to drop off your wedding certificate. Short turnaround times (1 week or less) are often available, depending on your quantities and the calligrapher's work/travel schedule. 

*Please provide 15% - 20% more envelopes/place cards than the quantity you are having addressed. Plan on providing the calligrapher with a word document (not Excel spreadsheet) with addresses mail merged or typed exactly line for line as they will be addressed with all street names spelled out, all states spelled out (except for Washington, DC) and zip codes on separate line. Apartments numbers may be abbreviated as Apt. 3C or Unit 3, etc. or you may prefer to include on a separate line as Apartment No. 3C.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason White
123 Main Street Northwest
Seattle, Washington

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Wedding Calligraphy Pricing for Black Ink
outer envelopes - $3.00 each
outer/inner envelope set - $3.50
add return address - add $1.00 each
add flourish/rose - add $1.00 each
placecard (1 line) - $2.00 each
placecard (2 lines) - $3.00 each
table card - $2.00 each
wedding calligraphy calligrapher envelope addressing   
wedding envelope calligraphy Seattle  wedding envelopes calligraphy calligrapher Seattle envelope addressing

Calligraphy pricing for White Ink
outer envelopes - $3.50 each
outer envelope and inner envelope set - $3.75
add return address - add $1.50 each
add flourish/rose - add $1.50 each
place card (1 line) - $ 2.50 each
place card (2 lines) - $3.50 each
table card - $ 2.50 each
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