Mendocino Art Center

I thoroughly enjoy teaching at the Mendocino Art Center. It is a semi-vacation for me and my husband.

Even though it is three straight days of instruction, I find that it rejuvenates me. There is a creativity and celebration of all things arts. There is a history of 60 years of like minded souls getting together in those classroom spaces. Students love to be able to spread out their paints and other supplies and leave them set up for three fantastic days of exploration. We worked with an assortment of heavy body and fluid acrylics of various brands as well as both black and white gesso, tinted gesso and even tinted gels.

This year I chose to work with collage and birds as our main subject matter, something my students were more than eager to adhere to although it would have been fine if they chose and abstract design or other theme.

Working with a variety of mediums and gels I demonstrated the different uses and my recommended medium to achieve specific results. For journaling I prefer matte medium for collage, whereas for art projects (especially on wood panel) I love the effects I can achieve with soft or regular gels which are thicker and hold texture. We also enjoyed collaging a variety of papers including some rice papers I picked up at Racines in Fort Bragg, a wonderful local art supply store.

Although the drought was officially declared over while we painted and it rained, the sun came out for one lovely evening for us to explore the local headlands with crashing surf and enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.


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